Friday, 24 February 2012

Hyper Social on BBM - Facebook and Twitter Integration

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 Research In Motion (RIM) has announced interconnectivity of popular social networking applications Facebook and Twitter with BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), with the release of new Facebook and Twitter for BlackBerry 3.0 apps. The applications are now available in in the BlackBerry Beta Zone.  Interconnectivity of social media applications with BlackBerry messenger will definitely be a big step towards offering greater ease of use to users. Source: IBNLIVE

So my tweets or my Facebook status can be shared with my BBM contacts as my BBM status update. But I can't do the opposite like send my BBM status update as a tweet. I can't start a chat through BBM with my Facebook contact or say start a BBM chat about a tweet with my Twitter contact. 

Are we really interconnected? Currently, I can't tie in my Facebook or Twitter contact to my BBM contact. I'd like to see one common contact (like on the Playbook) The native Contacts on the Playbook combine all of my FB, Twitter and LinkedIn data and email contact. Each person has ONE record which displays all of the info you have on them from each source. 

Maybe this will be something to look out for on BB10.

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