Friday, 24 February 2012

Hyper Social on BBM - Facebook and Twitter Integration

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 Research In Motion (RIM) has announced interconnectivity of popular social networking applications Facebook and Twitter with BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), with the release of new Facebook and Twitter for BlackBerry 3.0 apps. The applications are now available in in the BlackBerry Beta Zone.  Interconnectivity of social media applications with BlackBerry messenger will definitely be a big step towards offering greater ease of use to users. Source: IBNLIVE

So my tweets or my Facebook status can be shared with my BBM contacts as my BBM status update. But I can't do the opposite like send my BBM status update as a tweet. I can't start a chat through BBM with my Facebook contact or say start a BBM chat about a tweet with my Twitter contact. 

Are we really interconnected? Currently, I can't tie in my Facebook or Twitter contact to my BBM contact. I'd like to see one common contact (like on the Playbook) The native Contacts on the Playbook combine all of my FB, Twitter and LinkedIn data and email contact. Each person has ONE record which displays all of the info you have on them from each source. 

Maybe this will be something to look out for on BB10.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

No BBM on Playbook OS 2.0?

Happy #TwosDay New Playbook 2.0 OS has been released. With all the updates available the notable missing application is BBM. Does anyone really care? If BBM was available on Playbook how many people would even use it? 

To use BBM you need to use the BlackBerry Bridge which provides a Bluetooth connection between the Playbook and your BlackBerry smartphone. Since the clearance sale of Playbooks nationwide there may be some consumers who don't necessarily have a smartphone to bridge with and only have the Playbook they got on sale or as a door prize at their company Christmas party. 

Also consider, a tablet is a device that is sometimes used by multiple people in a household and a handheld device is much more personal. I wouldn't want my brother reading my BBM messages on the household Playbook. The Bridge is more of a novelty. How often is your BlackBerry not close at hand even when at home? Would BBM be as engaging of an application anyway if it was only used on a WiFi PlayBook? I don't think
BBM would be the same experience without my handheld.

I can see groups being a good application to have on the PlayBook - BBM Bridge still doesn't support it, either way this would be the next feature that should definitely be built for the next release of BBM on the PlayBook.

Monday, 20 February 2012

A Tale of Two Phones

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Okay so I'm just gonna say it. I have an iPhone. Before all TeamBlackBerry calls me a traitor I'm sure I'm not alone. Many people carry around two devices or more these days. A BlackBerry as their business device and an iPhone (or Android whatever) for fun. Yes the iPhone has games and an endless variety of Apps, it's user friendly and has a great browser. I'm on Twitter alot and Twitter on iPhone is a much better user experience than on my BlackBerry. 

But on the other hand I would never send out a business email or talk to my friends on iMessage the same way I use BBM. That's why I won't give up on my BlackBerry. Tools not Toys? Based on what I've seen on the Playbook hopefully BB10 fills the gaps and there won't be any need to carry around two phones. We'll just have to wait and see. I still represent TeamBlackBerry to the fullest. Don't judge me!


So all the animated avatars on our site and on this blog are free and available for anybody to use and specifically as your BBM Animated Avatar. But, if you are taking our images to put up on your own site then it's not cool to slap your name on them and pretend that they are your images or call yourself 'Official'

Take our GIFs please but Source Us! 

We take the time and effort to post the BEST and COOLEST animations and we guarantee them to work with BBM. We don't just put up hundreds of lame cheesy pics, so if you want to put our images in with your lame ass cheesy ones to make your selection look a bit more appealing I don't blame y'all but make it known here and now people you saw it here first!

I know that there's no way to regulate this type of thing on the internet but I'm just sayin...

Saturday, 18 February 2012

My BBM Wishlist

BBM is obviously great. Many other apps have some of its features but BBM is the only one that has ALL of them in one package. Until another app is able to do all this and more, BBM still comes out on top. But how can it be improved? Maybe some of these features will be part of RIM's next leaked roadmap.

VoIP because there are instances that are better off with an actual good ol’ telephone conversation. Sometimes you just can’t properly have a lovers quarrel via BBM. And if you could make phone calls through BBM you wouldn’t even need the recipient’s phone number.

Video Sharing You can definitely send videos over BBM, but it has to be low quality (MMS Mode) in order for it to fit the capacity of transfer file sizes. An actual "send video" menu option would be nice.

Message Recall because of the instantaneous nature of instant messaging I don’t think that this is technically possible but it could be something users would like and use. Especially all those drunk texters out there, and there are many. Currently the only way to recall a sent BBM is to ensure it hasn’t been read by the recipient and then delete the contact and the chat altogether.

More Emoticons you really can’t get your mood and point across as well without fun emoticons. How can I properly relay my angry feelings or send a “crotch punch” without the proper visual representation of the said action or facial expression using punctuation marks and letters?

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hooking up via BBM

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Do you use BBM to flirt? Do you use BBM to hook up?

Gone are the days that you have to give out fake phone numbers to people trying to pick you up.  You can simply share your pin and you can always delete them in a couple of hours with little to no regret. No more screening phone calls and avoiding that stalker that you shouldn't have given your number to.

You still need to have permission to BBM people so it's more intimate and immediate than texting. You can exchange PINS and start chatting rite away, getting to know eachother, and if you want - things can get pretty steamy.  You can also make things more attractive by setting a sexy avatar or adding a flirty personal message as your status update.

What puts BBM lightyears ahead of texting is the ability to know when your messages are sent, delivered and read. It's the next best thing to a real conversation. Immediate response times are mandatory and keep up the excitement mid-flirtation. You'll know right away if you're being ignored. So it's best to schedule those booty calls ahead of time before the alcohol gets you slurring your words (or misspelling your BBMs)

And if you don't have that special someone yet don't fret - magic can happen over a spontaneous drunken BBM text (trust me I know) So BBM addicts, Valentines Day is just around the corner. Who will you be sexting?

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Does BBM need a physical keyboard?

You have seen the leaked BlackBerryLondon rite?

It’s no question that BBM is probably the best product that RIM has to offer with over 50 million active users worldwide. People love BBM. It’s what puts the crack in crackberry. Part of the addiction is that tactile feeling of the keys. But with the new design, will this kill the BlackBerry experience we’re used to? RIM has been slow to follow the full touchscreen trend, but will diehard fans who are accustomed to the convenience keys and trackpad be agreeable with the change? I hope that the introduction of the new design will not see the disappearance of the physical QWERTY keyboard altogether. The physical keyboard offers so many advantages in accuracy and productivity. The feedback you get from physical keys means you’re less likely to mistype or have issues with fat fingers.  No doubt you can type longer and faster which makes a difference for business users writing long emails and power BBMers. Although market trends say the masses are fans of the full touchscreen, experienced physical keyboard typers can use their BlackBerry with one hand and type without looking at the keys (yah I can do that) touchscreen requires you see what you’re pressing.  Game changer for RIM? It will definitely be the deciding factor if RIM will stay in the game. I forsee a buttonless Berry in our near future. 

Friday, 3 February 2012

The SwaggBerry Culture

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Have you noticed the popularity of the BlackBerry smartphone in Hip Hop music? Is it just me or are alot of Rappers rolling with money, hoes, cars and clothes - and their BlackBerry? Widely used by Enterprise as a business device it is oftentimes associated with suits and stocks but the BlackBerry of today is highly popular to the young urban crowd. BlackBerrys are also endorsed by countless celebrities - while iPhones are still associated with douchbag hispsters.

Is RIM seeding this product placement or do Rappers really prefer the device? The BlackBerry still has that essence of being serious about business and making money the Rap community like and identify with. The BlackBerry is more of a tool that helps you to stay connected with your peeps and make that paper, and not just a toy for playing Angry Birds. 

You hear about BlackBerry’s in hip hop lyrics all the time and all sorts of Rappers are often photographed with their phones. It’s a well-known fact that Drake even writes all his lyrics on his BlackBerry device.

BlackBerry was recently named the number one smartphone in the UK and it’s no wonder with plans being more affordable than other smartphones on the market, it’s especially become popular among ghetto youth becoming somewhat of a fashion trend. Who can blame them with FREE BlackBerry Messenger in comparison to 10p per text message. 

Get your SWAG on Team BlackBerry…