Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Does BBM need a physical keyboard?

You have seen the leaked BlackBerryLondon rite?

It’s no question that BBM is probably the best product that RIM has to offer with over 50 million active users worldwide. People love BBM. It’s what puts the crack in crackberry. Part of the addiction is that tactile feeling of the keys. But with the new design, will this kill the BlackBerry experience we’re used to? RIM has been slow to follow the full touchscreen trend, but will diehard fans who are accustomed to the convenience keys and trackpad be agreeable with the change? I hope that the introduction of the new design will not see the disappearance of the physical QWERTY keyboard altogether. The physical keyboard offers so many advantages in accuracy and productivity. The feedback you get from physical keys means you’re less likely to mistype or have issues with fat fingers.  No doubt you can type longer and faster which makes a difference for business users writing long emails and power BBMers. Although market trends say the masses are fans of the full touchscreen, experienced physical keyboard typers can use their BlackBerry with one hand and type without looking at the keys (yah I can do that) touchscreen requires you see what you’re pressing.  Game changer for RIM? It will definitely be the deciding factor if RIM will stay in the game. I forsee a buttonless Berry in our near future. 


  1. Blackberry 9860 torch has no keyboard. I chose 9810 torch because it has a keyboard. RIM need to make an operating system as smooth as the iphone then they will dominate once again! I will never switch from Blackberry because of the keyboard and bbm.

  2. A BlackBerry with a FAST browser AND cool apps AND a keyboard would be awesome for sure!