Tuesday, 21 February 2012

No BBM on Playbook OS 2.0?

Happy #TwosDay New Playbook 2.0 OS has been released. With all the updates available the notable missing application is BBM. Does anyone really care? If BBM was available on Playbook how many people would even use it? 

To use BBM you need to use the BlackBerry Bridge which provides a Bluetooth connection between the Playbook and your BlackBerry smartphone. Since the clearance sale of Playbooks nationwide there may be some consumers who don't necessarily have a smartphone to bridge with and only have the Playbook they got on sale or as a door prize at their company Christmas party. 

Also consider, a tablet is a device that is sometimes used by multiple people in a household and a handheld device is much more personal. I wouldn't want my brother reading my BBM messages on the household Playbook. The Bridge is more of a novelty. How often is your BlackBerry not close at hand even when at home? Would BBM be as engaging of an application anyway if it was only used on a WiFi PlayBook? I don't think
BBM would be the same experience without my handheld.

I can see groups being a good application to have on the PlayBook - BBM Bridge still doesn't support it, either way this would be the next feature that should definitely be built for the next release of BBM on the PlayBook.

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