Monday, 5 March 2012

What will happen when BB10 finally drops?

What will happen when BB10 finally drops in Q3?

So much emphasis is being put on BB10 making or breaking RIM. With all the anticipation surrounding the BB10 release it better be kick ass. I'm predicting bad media for RIM regardless. I can already see the headlines with the aire of disappointment and underwhelmed sentiments because of not living up to all this hype and anticipation. 

iPhone5 rumored launch date will be in June or November which will surely make an impact on the BB10 launch. I'm hoping we'll see some devices actually make an appearance at BlackBerry world. Will it be too little too late?

I think the remaining BlackBerry users are fully aware of the limitations of their devices (slow browser, dated interface and limited App selection) but they stay with BlackBerry because they like the form factor, physical keyboard or security etc... I don't think they're looking for a fully touchscreen device. 

Once the fully touchscreen device is on the market it still won't be able to compete with the iPhone but may give another option to users who currently are opting for Android or Windows devices. I would like to see a BlackBerry Bold running BB10 now that would be cool. I hope we won't have to wait too long to see that.

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