Friday, 3 February 2012

The SwaggBerry Culture

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Have you noticed the popularity of the BlackBerry smartphone in Hip Hop music? Is it just me or are alot of Rappers rolling with money, hoes, cars and clothes - and their BlackBerry? Widely used by Enterprise as a business device it is oftentimes associated with suits and stocks but the BlackBerry of today is highly popular to the young urban crowd. BlackBerrys are also endorsed by countless celebrities - while iPhones are still associated with douchbag hispsters.

Is RIM seeding this product placement or do Rappers really prefer the device? The BlackBerry still has that essence of being serious about business and making money the Rap community like and identify with. The BlackBerry is more of a tool that helps you to stay connected with your peeps and make that paper, and not just a toy for playing Angry Birds. 

You hear about BlackBerry’s in hip hop lyrics all the time and all sorts of Rappers are often photographed with their phones. It’s a well-known fact that Drake even writes all his lyrics on his BlackBerry device.

BlackBerry was recently named the number one smartphone in the UK and it’s no wonder with plans being more affordable than other smartphones on the market, it’s especially become popular among ghetto youth becoming somewhat of a fashion trend. Who can blame them with FREE BlackBerry Messenger in comparison to 10p per text message. 

Get your SWAG on Team BlackBerry…

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