Saturday, 28 January 2012

You don’t need an App for that…

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Recently an App has been released on AppWorld offering Animated Avatars for BlackBerry Messenger. Why download an App when you can get the image in 5 seconds from our SITE?

You need to skip the download.
Here's why….
  1. It's a buggy App, hence the multiple updates in a week
  2. The App has grown to more than 5MBs!!! and takes about a minute and a half to download (BBM itself is only 4.1 MBs)
  3. You need to reboot your phone in order to complete the download (another minute and a half)
  4. Once the download is complete the App asks for Trusted Application Status to access phone information. Why would an App for BBM display pics need that?

What's worst is if you already downloaded it and are going thru the upgrade it takes EVEN LONGER!

The App claims to offer hundreds of options but who wants to browse through a bunch of cheesy images? The only good ones they got are available at our SITE. We only choose the COOLEST animated avatars. 


~the original
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Friday, 27 January 2012

What ever happened to IM?

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I like staying in touch with friends but I've never been a phone person. That's just NOT ME. So when instant messaging gained popularity it was perfect for me. You can now THINK before you speak...and edit and spell check and add emphasis on certain words through a wide array of fonts and really express your feelings accurately via emoticons.

When I started out I could barely type but enter ICQ (remember that?) and I learned to type like the wind without even looking at the keyboard. When I entered the workforce, multitasking became so important as I juggled conference calls and spreadsheets all the while hiding my chat window as I happily exchanged funny pictures with my friends and flirted with boys on MSN. I was so hooked on instant messaging. I could be at work and still be fully engaged with my peeps. So whatever happened to IM?

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Rioting, Drug Dealers and BBM

bbmanimated,, bbm animatedBlackberry market share in the US, once impenetrable over 60%, is now down to 9%, while worldwide 3%. While many people have made the switch to Android or Apple there are still a select group of users who remain loyal to their BlackBerry. RIM has been criticized by lack of innovation and maybe not really knowing their customer. So who are RIM's remaining customers?

According to OfferMobi  despite the assumption that BlackBerry users are primarily 'older corporate guys in suits' BlackBerry devices had the most active female mobile dating community of all devices, totaling 28 percent of all users. So if you're looking to hook up you know where all the females are. It seems like women are more comfortable giving out their PIN than their phone number. Sending a BBM message is a lot less intrusive for most. I know some Mom's in my neighborhood that use it to organize playdates.

BlackBerry's original key market was business users, for whom security is crucial as they transmit confidential information. No wonder it is also the communication method of choice for Mexican Drug Cartels.  Making it easier for them to launder their money, bribe local and state officials, keep in touch with drug smugglers from different organizations, and collaborators from different levels of the government.

Why do people love cats on the internet?

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I really don't understand this phenomenon myself but go nuts people...

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