Saturday, 28 January 2012

You don’t need an App for that…

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Recently an App has been released on AppWorld offering Animated Avatars for BlackBerry Messenger. Why download an App when you can get the image in 5 seconds from our SITE?

You need to skip the download.
Here's why….
  1. It's a buggy App, hence the multiple updates in a week
  2. The App has grown to more than 5MBs!!! and takes about a minute and a half to download (BBM itself is only 4.1 MBs)
  3. You need to reboot your phone in order to complete the download (another minute and a half)
  4. Once the download is complete the App asks for Trusted Application Status to access phone information. Why would an App for BBM display pics need that?

What's worst is if you already downloaded it and are going thru the upgrade it takes EVEN LONGER!

The App claims to offer hundreds of options but who wants to browse through a bunch of cheesy images? The only good ones they got are available at our SITE. We only choose the COOLEST animated avatars. 


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