Monday, 20 February 2012


So all the animated avatars on our site and on this blog are free and available for anybody to use and specifically as your BBM Animated Avatar. But, if you are taking our images to put up on your own site then it's not cool to slap your name on them and pretend that they are your images or call yourself 'Official'

Take our GIFs please but Source Us! 

We take the time and effort to post the BEST and COOLEST animations and we guarantee them to work with BBM. We don't just put up hundreds of lame cheesy pics, so if you want to put our images in with your lame ass cheesy ones to make your selection look a bit more appealing I don't blame y'all but make it known here and now people you saw it here first!

I know that there's no way to regulate this type of thing on the internet but I'm just sayin...

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