Wednesday, 14 March 2012

What's New in BlackBerry Messenger 6.2?

Now you can stay in touch like never before with the latest update to BlackBerry Messenger. 

New on the latest version of BBM:

  1. New selection of animated avatars - not so impressive if you're looking for something better than some animated smileys you know where to go 
  2. Push to Talk - Streamlined voice notes! Now you can send voice notes at a click of a button thru BBM. If you highlight a contact in BBM and press the convenience key, you can start recording, pressing the key again will send.
  3. Tag Enhancements - adding contacts has never been easier. If your BlackBerry supports NFC technology you can turn on the Allow Auto Invitations by the Tapping option. If you and someone else have BBM open you can add each other by aligning the backs of your smartphones.
  4. Improved Search - When typing the name of a contact or group the search ignores special characters and emoticons making things easier to look for.
  5. Easily update your status update - now you can easily update your status by editing the text directly in the status bar without leaving your contact list by clicking the text at the top of the screen.
  6. Resend a message - messages that didn't send (say for example, if your smartphone was outside of a wireless coverage area) can be resent by highlighting and resending from a menu option.

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