Monday, 23 September 2013

Will the World Relapse into CrackBerry Addiction Once Again?

All I'm hearing about is bad press for BlackBerry (so what else is new?) 

But what I'm really interested in is the fact that 1.1 million people actually downloaded BBM in the AppStore and another million (just guessing) impatient people downloaded the leaked version for Android. Where are the reviews for the App? Where are the first impressions? Relapsed CrackBerry addicts where you at? 

Were you able to download the App? If you actually did download it, it's not that much fun to use unless all your friends are on it too. But don't fret, soon you won't be alone. Hopefully BlackBerry can recover from the worst rollout ever and gain back people's trust. 

Let's go BlackBerry! I'm sending you positive vibes amid the looming job cuts and nose diving stock prices, give the people what they want! Give them BBMForAll! (except Windows and Nokia) 

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